Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tania Leshkina

Artist Tania Leshkina was born into The Soviet Union in 1990 and was raised in its aftermath until moving to London. She's exhibited at group shows in Malaga, Groningen, London, Milan and Venice as well as solo exhibitions in Hermosillo and Paris.

Her photos have a minimalist, almost-improvised quality to them that show off a natural eye for capturing moments and letting subjects and colours blend into each other. I interviewed her recently about her work, projects and whereabouts.

-When did you first know you wanted to pursue being a photographer?

I don't consider myself a photographer. I make work and use photography as a medium now but it doesn't mean I will in future.

-What equipment do you use? Do find yourself using one camera predominately?

I don't own any cameras. When I'm working on a project or a job I borrow all the equipment from colleagues.

Take Courage Gallery Exhibition

-How has your move from Moscow to the UK changed your photography?

I've changed and keep changing which means my work changed as well. It's only partly because of geographiс location.


-I think on flickr someone compared your Voidentity series to Erwin Wurm's One Minute Sculptures, has he been influence on you is it more just a coincidence?

He was among others. Couple years ago there was a big show of his work in Moscow and I guess I was really impressed by it.

-You've started creating film and videos as well, is this a natural progression for you?

Absolutely. I actually went to a film school for three years and always wanted to create my own videos.

Stills from two separate video projects

-What are you doing with the rest of 2010, any more exhibitions/zines?

I just did a video for Maaike Mekking's AW10 show on LFW. More to come, check updates on my flickr or website.

Tania Leshkina can be found online on her website and flickr