Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Hunee is a DJ and songsmith from Berlin. He makes House tracks that end up in places that you don't expect and mixes that have you browsing rapidshare for hours to absolutely no avail. He also runs a great blog called Hunch Music that puts up loads of great jazz and disco records. I asked him some questions about music and life in the city; answers and tracks when you follow the link:

-What equipment do you use to make and play music?

my dj obsession is the electronic spectacle djr 400 rotary mixer (that i still have to pay off, haha). so this and my 2 old (painted white in a very short moment of questionable taste) technics mk2 decks. pretty simple.

the music making happens between my noisy pc equipped with ableton, some plugs and the juno106, super bass station, my friends' atc-1, a shitty guitar, a leaking shaker egg, plus some more borrowed things for drums and noises...

Hunee - Brother (Dub) by hunee

-Where does djing/recording sit on your scale of profession to hobby? what do you do with the rest of your time?

hmm, it's a quite dynamic relationship. it's seems to be a hobby that requires more time than everything else i do, but somehow i always maintained to work for my living, so, yeah i guess that makes it a hobby. rent, food and the rest gets paid by my tutor work at university. also, still a student - i stretched my university existence to the furthest limit, which put me in the situation to finish my studies now, if i dont want to leave without a degree.

Hunee - Cannonball (Demo) by hunee

-What recent purchases are you enjoying to spin?

some killer records in my bag come from miles sagnia with some deeeep basslines (aesthetic audio), big strick on fxhe (a label that i adore), the marcello napoletano stuff that's takin all the good things about the 90ies and makin it work in '10, the latest mathematics releases and aaaall the second hand records that kill my budget and keep my love alive.

Hunee - Babel (part 1) by hunee

-Everyone always tells me berlin's an amazing city, what are your favourite haunts?

first of all - berlin is a summer city - a lot of beauty is covered in the cold, but i always love my crib on top of nk, my bike on the streets and the best feeding is happening at the falafel king (the nutpaste!!!), the realest döner u can get - waits at imren to be cut, record shops are always fun (with money in ur pockets). the clubs in berlin - well there are lots, they go looong, u can have a magic and a horrible night pretty much in any of 'em, berlin really lives by the vibe, the open-ness, the possibility to experience and explore whatever u might look for...

Hunee - Mix for Jazzanova Radio Show by hunee

-Mixes are pretty good way djs can get across what dance music they enjoy, do you see your blog as an outlet for the rest of your musical tastes?

actually i never saw mixes as something exclusive to dance music, i enjoy making mixes with lots of other ideas away from the dance floor. in fact, to make dance music mixes is often even tougher for me, since i have to imagine being in a club situation to make it work for me, to generate a certain energy.

hunch music was in my mind for some time, maybe just as a box where i kept my ideas, dreams, criticisms, recepies and plans without any concrete definition what kind of materialization it might have one day. to put out the hunch record was a starting point to do more with the name. the hunch music blog came to life, because i wanted to create a place to share music and information, completely free of any restriction, maybe also to feel out where the hunch music box could go to... and well, deleting facebook and starting the blog the same day might be a bit more than pure coincedence, haha...

Hunee - Standin' High by hunee

Hunee can be found online at
Hunch Music

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Li Hui

Li Hui takes blurred pictures and clear photographs of herself and others. I recently asked her some questions about her work, filling in the gaps, personality traits and privacy. Follow the link below for words and pictures.

-One of the obvious traits about your pictures is how you never show peoples faces. Is this for the audience to make up the rest of the person or to take away that element of focus from the viewer?

My pictures never shows faces because I think this is a way of communicating with the viewer. The pictures remind us of our common feelings, secrets, past memories or magical dreams. The people in my pictures are not supposed to be unknown faces, but the viewer him- or herself.

-You said on your website that since 2009 you've started taking photography 'seriously' - what has that entailed so far?

In the past I spent too much time at home watching movies or listening to records or just sleeping all the time, so obviously I didn't really have enough time to go outside, take pictures and actually be serious about it. I think that changed in February 2009, as I started to really focus on photography.

-You've talked in interviews about how you're quite a shy/solitary person, do you feel this comes across in your photography?

I think shy people take pictures in a different way and approach subjects differently.

-Do other photographers influence your work or does inspiration come from closer to home?

I don't even know that many photographers, I'm pretty sure you know a whole lot more than I do. That's not really important to me, I draw most of my inspiration from movies. If I'm not taking pictures, I have to watch movies. This is a habit I've kept ever since I was a little girl. I lived with my grandfather and he was a big movie fan.

-You're pretty reserved about the information you give out to the internet, do you think that people give away too much online?

Yeah, I'm into photography because it's my hobby. I think that information is not necessary. Giving away such details doesn't help me in any way and it doesn't improve my photos.
Recently I got a mail from an ezine and they said they prefer people to focus on photographs instead of the person behind the camera. I totally agree with that.

Li can be found online at flickr and huiuh.com

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