Tuesday, 2 December 2008


It's a bit weird to think that people refered to The Replacements as The 'Placemats or just 'Mats in the 80's. Then again it's a bit weird to think they would go on national television with their eyebrows shaved off and weren't the biggest band in America at that point.

More fantastic words and sounds if you just...

When the band made album 'Stink' their label at the time
Twin Tone recorded them for a series of videos in 1981. Here's them playing 'Kids don't Follow' one of the better numbers from this barely fifteen minutes nod-to-hardcore release.

Another MTV interview this time with the band meeting fans @ the suitable location of a barrrrrrrrgh

'Colour Me Impressed' from 1986 in New Jersey

Final MTV interview on their last tour, or thereabouts. Don't watch if you dislike being deflated of all happiness.

Here's a Paul Westerberg interview for Pitchfork conducted earlier this year clicky click

...Best band ever basically.