Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Fixed Gear

Operating under the pseudonym her own surname and recently signed with Love Pump United, the eloquently titled Angel Deradoorian is a lush and intricate lo-fi musician from New York City and also a member of New York State art-rock band Dirty Projectors. She politely and rapidly answered some questions of mine, over myspace of all things.

-Firstly I guess, who are you banking with at the moment? that may seem like a facetious question but i'm quite interested in how people are feeling about the whole global financial situation. Coupling that with the fast approaching US election it must feel like an exciting, and perhaps unnerving time, to be in america right now, how do you feel about this current political climate?

I have Bank of America. I think they're the bank that didn't get fucked in all of this.

The political stir around here is big. People are getting real psycho about who to vote for and other people's opinions. It's fun, but can be tiring. I'm trying to keep up as well as I can on the campaigns, but sometimes it crowds my mind too much and I think I'll go crazy if I get more involved.

-There are a few other solo female artists who like yourself create textured, dreamy, vocal soaked music around at the moment, grouper/inca ore to name-drop a couple. Do you identify with these acts, can you see any similarities with them and your own work?

Honestly, I feel like my music is nothing new and different. I think there are lots of people doing what I do. Identifying with people like Grouper, I don't realllly feel like I do. I think she makes cool music, but it's her music. My music is what I am capable of feeling, creating, whatever, it's as far as my mind can take me. I usually feel very inhibited in my writing, therefore I feel I can't take it farther out. I find it very difficult to write.

-How do you find being a female in this business called 'show'? Has gender ever been an issue for you?

Being a female in a male dominated business is interesting. I have been doing this since I was 16 now, so I guess 6 years, and it gets easier and easier every year. People don't assume I'm the merch girl all the time now, so that's nice. At times, I do feel I need to prove myself to show that women are capable of doing more than tinker around on tiny instruments and sing sweet parts (not that there's anything wrong with that, I've done that), but I do want to show people I'm capable of achieving difficult musical challenges and that not only men can think on complex levels like that. Then again, men and women's mind sets are completely different and I feel like they just create differently because of their hormones and roles in society. That might sound crazy. Ehhhh.

-You've just recently signed up to release an ep on Love Pump United (HEALTH, Aids Wolf), why did you decide to go with them, how did the process come about? Is going through a label still something thats necessary for a recording artist?

I decided to work with LovePump because I know the guys who run the label and they're really wonderful people. They fully believe in what I do and I haven't been convinced of other people in the past who've offered their services to me. Going through a label hasn't completely lost it's worth. I think that they can help with distribution and promotion, things that I don't have connections to. I'm also lazy.

With Dirty Projectors

-How does your live act work? Do you incorporate a backing band/laptop when performing? Is it something that you consider important?

Live shows barely happen for me. I play about 6 times a year. The live act is always different. Sometimes I have a band, sometimes I'm alone, sometimes one other person. I play guitar at times, or keyboard. Considering playing bass now and singing. I'm not a big fan of playing solo shows. I get really stressed out when I have one to the point of it making me physically ill at times.

-Most people would be aware of you from your involvement in Dirty Projectors, how did you first come to be a member with them?

The meeting of me and Dirty Projectors is a long story. I will just say that I met Dave at his house in Brooklyn when I first moved to New York and he invited me to be a part of his project.

I did sneek in a few more questions about Dirty Projectors, but to no reply. Who knows, perhaps she just wasn't feeling the vibes. Listen to her Myspace here.